Joe Oliver responds to my testimony

Aaron Wherry over at Macleans wrote a blog post about my appearance in front of the Finance Committee, summarizing some of the testimony. A link to that piece is here. And here are links to my original blog posts about this testimony (here and here). There are a few things I took away from this. First, I am reminded why I was making so many faces during the question period from the CPC members. Second, my responses are actually surprisingly articulate. Third, Joe Oliver and the CPC party does not seem to understand what a tax cut really is. Fourth, the CPC party has a real problem with evidence-based policy making. If the CPC party really wants to help Canadian families, let’s do away these nonsense tax credits, including the new income splitting tax credit, and either reduce tax rates (that is a tax cut) or direct the money into enriching the CCTB program.

3 thoughts on “Joe Oliver responds to my testimony

  1. […] is worth 50% of that claim. I have written a lot about the federal version of this (here, here, and here), and my critiques apply here: this is a tax credit that predominantly benefits high income […]

  2. […] has been “a waste of time.” (You can read my ruminations on this tax credit here, here, and here) After all, she writes, it “enjoys widespread support” among Canadian families and it does not […]

  3. […] kicked this off with the elimination of the tax credits for child fitness and arts (here, here, and here) along with the tuition and textbook amounts, but then proceeded to introduce similar poorly […]

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